Current Opening Hours

Current Hours:

Open 6 days

9.00 – 4.00

Fresh Fish & Chips from 6pm Friday Nights


Phone:  03 62606245

Bookings essential prior to Thursday of each week for Fish and Chips

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Friday Night Fish ‘n’ Chips

We do not sell large amounts of seafood at the Café, sustainability is part of our business philosophy and seafood stocks have become a concern for many reasons.   The locals tell us how many fish they could catch way back when, compared to now. They should know because they have been out in those tinnys for years getting “catch of the day”. Trouble is, the catch is becoming harder to catch – and that’s saying something from these local proud fishermen & women. They would prefer to tell you how many or how big, rather than shaking their heads saying “its not like it used to be”.   So, in order to be mindful of these issues, we serve a limited amount of fish at the Jetty Café.

Friday night Fish ‘n’Chips is an exception.

IMG_1401It is one such time we have fish and only fish on the menu. It is line caught and seasonal. So it is picked up, filleted by Ray, dunked in the lighest beer batter, cooked to a crispy golden brown. It is served with a fresh salad slaw and the ever popular “smashed” potato – Rays answer to the usual chip! Its popular, so you have to book by Thursday but you can do that by calling us on 03 62606245. Come and ask the locals how good it used to be!! They usually re-arrange the Café into large, long tables and enjoy a drink and chat with whoever is around.!!

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Breakfast @ The Jetty Cafe

Here on beautiful Bruny Island, on the northern tip at Dennes Point, the Cafe and Art Gallery are opened again after a winter sojourn.  Ray has just produced some freshly baked bread and the smell eminating from the kitchen is intoxicating. We are open for breakfast &  lunch Friday to Monday and every Friday night too.

Back to breakfast.
IMG_1397The official opening time is 10am, (we like to cruise into the day here), but if you wander into the Cafe anytime after 9 we will certainly look after you. There are lovely fresh eggs, soft scrambled with grilled bacon, roasted tomato on JC toast with fresh garden herbs.  Or you might choose middle eastern style baked eggs with tomato, capsicum, chermoula, yoghurt & fresh herbs.  Not into eggs – even this fresh?  Well, how about smashed avocado  tomato, touch of chilli, salsa, feta and fresh herbs (of course), olive oil and cracked black pepper. Mushrooms pan fried on JC toast, preserved lemon, garlic, fresh herbs and Tasmanian finest olive oil – delicious!! See you soon!

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Summer Fruits at the Jetty Cafe


About GreenGage Plums……Peter Cundall says in an addition of the Weekly Times – full article can be found at :


MANY years ago, on a particularly hot early autumn day, I took refuge from the sun beneath a lovely, weeping tree.
Glancing around in the cool shade I discovered why the branches were drooping.
They were laden with masses of round, bright-green, marble-sized fruit.
They looked unripe, but the beautiful, aromatic fragrance drifting from the hanging clusters indicated otherwise.
They were soft, juicy, wonderfully sweet and had the most amazing, refreshing flavour.
In fact I found it difficult to stop eating them.
This happened about 60 years ago and was my first experience with greengages.
They are called gages because they were originally brought into Britain from France by a man named Gage almost three centuries ago.
They grow to perfection in cooler parts of Australia, provided winters are cold enough to provide the necessary 900 hours chilling below 7C during fruit bud dormancy……(end article extract)

Of course Tasmanias’ climate is perfect for green gages and so we have been fortunate in having those delicious plums bought into the kitchen from Kate’s garden.
This is the result… need to say more…..except as soon as Ray makes these delicious Greengage & frangipane tarts – poof, they are gone!



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About Kids Menu. Eat your greens. See Zac the perfect pooch who does!!

There is a buzz about kids and food. Whilst understanding children tend to have under developed taste buds and go for the sugar and salt, it is also important, we think, to help them develop their knowledge of healthy food and tastes. Good food is for kids too. So, we don’t do frozen chips or chicken nuggets and we don’t do a “kids Menu” (which usually means chips and nuggets) at the Jetty Cafe. We offer 1/2 portions for children and some modifications where necessary. Ray also makes (when available) beautiful local potatoes that have been smashed & baked to crispy perfection in the oven – the best “chips” you could find and we prepare everything from the beginning. Just look at Zac, he loves his greens, especially a freshly dug broccoli stalk! More stories on greens & Zac to come!

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About Chefs Table

The Jetty Cafe is in the privileged position of being able to access very local, very fresh produce. The Cafe is also located in a remote part of the world ; a pristine isolated and deliciously undeveloped area on the northern tip of Bruny Island, Tasmania.  Here we focus on the natural, sustainable and fresh;  the local produce.  We have many suppliers now, for example every friday we go to Gretchen’s beautiful garden where we collect all the greens for the cafe she has available for us.  Margaret will bring lovely flowers & other garden produce on Friday when she is working in the Art Gallery.  Richard Clarke (Bruny Island Game Meats) supplies us with freshly prepared, free range Wallaby & Ray slow braises the  lamb from down the road from Murrayfield station.  In season we have organic garlic, potatoes, rhubarb, fruits etc. etc.   So, what better way to utilise all this lovely no mile, fresh produce than to make the menu up as required.  This is Ray’s speciality – it involves creativity & skill.  He has this in abundance.  Chef’s table involves coming into the Cafe (hopefully having booked well in advance) and enjoying the surprise of what is on the menu for that particular night.  It will always be fresh, interesting and beautifully prepared.  So we don’t have a menu that offers endless choice -sometimes as on Chefs Table night – there is no choice at all!!  However, the Jetty Cafe offers freshness, quality, healthy alternatives, low food miles & delicious food for your eating pleasure.  That’s the main choice we offer.

Chefs Table  

                              Saturday Nights from 6.15 pm               Bookings 03 62606245

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Spring Times + a pic of a strange visitor to the Cafe!!

Spring is here and we have arrived back refreshed from our lovely holiday in the sunshine.  The other day we had a most unusual visitor trying to get in the door – he was very shy so wouldn’t smile for the camera but I managed to take a photo before Ray gently picked him up and took him to a more suitable location!

Our special visitor!

Spring Opening Times:

Friday – Monday 10am till 4pm


School Holidays:

During the September Schools Holidays, we will also open on

Tuesday 10am – 4pm


Football Finals Fever is upon us so we are putting the screen into the Cafe, cooking up  family friendly fare (this week it is hand cut chips with Rays’ special Burgers) as extra special Friday treats for the month of September.

Call if you want to book in 62606245

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