What’s Been Going On at the Cafe…..

The summer fruits have been amazing.  Ray makes tarts almost everyday with what comes into the Cafe.  Golden drop plum tart, Murrayfield mulberry frangipane tart, black devil cherry tart.  Then he makes waffles,  a spiced cherry sauce and serves that with more cherries or berries and luscious, creamy Valhalla vanilla bean ice cream.  Do I have your attention yet??

Margaret is one of our main suppliers of fresh Flowers for the Cafe and baskets of herbs, vegetables and fruits picked daily from her incredibly productive garden. She always collects her goodies in the early morning before she comes into work at the Art Gallery (which is part of our complex).   At the moment, Ray has beans, zuchini, rocket, sorrel and plenty of herbs to play with.   There is a delicious looking savoury tart sitting on the bench right now which will be served with a fresh garden salad (that is a really, fresh garden salad) and some smashed potatoes just dug up by Neil at Kilora.  Very handy, very tasty!!  Thank you Margaret for your constant supply of goodies!   Thanks to Neil who comes over from Melbourne with his family when he can and always comes up to the Cafe for lunch or to bring us something from his garden.  The potatoes are fantastic.  Who else wants to come and visit us?

How about this Friday night, we have Kristina Olsen performing live at the Cafe on her way to the Port Fairy Music Festival.  What a great opportunity to introduce Kristina to our beautiful part of the world and for us to enjoy her fabulous tunes.  Ray will put on a delicious supper of course.  That’s this Friday night March 2nd at 7.30 at the Jetty Cafe.

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