Winter Weddings – Beautiful!!

Ok, so it wasn’t winter on March 24th, 2012 but it was cold, wild and just like a typical winters day.  We had a wedding for 150 guests and it was intended to be a beach wedding….. what happens next…..Well, to begin with – there always has to be a plan B right?   Definitely says the extremely relaxed Bride at the time a date was set!  So, plan B was seamlessly decided upon the day before the wedding and what a wonderful alternative this Venue proved to be when the beach was just not the place to be!  We cleared the Cafe, the huge windows overlooking the sea was made the backdrop for the Ceremony, the fire was roaring and the Hall next door had been beautifully decorated with most of the 50 dozen white tulips the Bride had chosen for the decorations.  The effect was truly magnificent and not a moment was wasted on thinking what Mother Nature was carrying on about outside.  That has led us to thinking, what a perfect opportunity others have in deciding to go with the Winter Wedding.  At the Jetty Cafe you can pick a Venue that allows you to feel as if your outside even when your a inside regardless of the weather.  You might want to warn your Hairdresser that they should make a weekend of it as most of the other guests do so you can avoid a fairly adventurous trip across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel as this Bride’s Hairdresser did.  It was probably one of the more “interesting” jobs she has had.  Read about this very special Winter Wedding here

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