About Chefs Table

The Jetty Cafe is in the privileged position of being able to access very local, very fresh produce. The Cafe is also located in a remote part of the world ; a pristine isolated and deliciously undeveloped area on the northern tip of Bruny Island, Tasmania.  Here we focus on the natural, sustainable and fresh;  the local produce.  We have many suppliers now, for example every friday we go to Gretchen’s beautiful garden where we collect all the greens for the cafe she has available for us.  Margaret will bring lovely flowers & other garden produce on Friday when she is working in the Art Gallery.  Richard Clarke (Bruny Island Game Meats) supplies us with freshly prepared, free range Wallaby & Ray slow braises the  lamb from down the road from Murrayfield station.  In season we have organic garlic, potatoes, rhubarb, fruits etc. etc.   So, what better way to utilise all this lovely no mile, fresh produce than to make the menu up as required.  This is Ray’s speciality – it involves creativity & skill.  He has this in abundance.  Chef’s table involves coming into the Cafe (hopefully having booked well in advance) and enjoying the surprise of what is on the menu for that particular night.  It will always be fresh, interesting and beautifully prepared.  So we don’t have a menu that offers endless choice -sometimes as on Chefs Table night – there is no choice at all!!  However, the Jetty Cafe offers freshness, quality, healthy alternatives, low food miles & delicious food for your eating pleasure.  That’s the main choice we offer.

Chefs Table  

                              Saturday Nights from 6.15 pm               Bookings 03 62606245

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