Summer Fruits at the Jetty Cafe


About GreenGage Plums……Peter Cundall says in an addition of the Weekly Times – full article can be found at :


MANY years ago, on a particularly hot early autumn day, I took refuge from the sun beneath a lovely, weeping tree.
Glancing around in the cool shade I discovered why the branches were drooping.
They were laden with masses of round, bright-green, marble-sized fruit.
They looked unripe, but the beautiful, aromatic fragrance drifting from the hanging clusters indicated otherwise.
They were soft, juicy, wonderfully sweet and had the most amazing, refreshing flavour.
In fact I found it difficult to stop eating them.
This happened about 60 years ago and was my first experience with greengages.
They are called gages because they were originally brought into Britain from France by a man named Gage almost three centuries ago.
They grow to perfection in cooler parts of Australia, provided winters are cold enough to provide the necessary 900 hours chilling below 7C during fruit bud dormancy……(end article extract)

Of course Tasmanias’ climate is perfect for green gages and so we have been fortunate in having those delicious plums bought into the kitchen from Kate’s garden.
This is the result… need to say more…..except as soon as Ray makes these delicious Greengage & frangipane tarts – poof, they are gone!



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