Friday Night Fish ‘n’ Chips

We do not sell large amounts of seafood at the Café, sustainability is part of our business philosophy and seafood stocks have become a concern for many reasons.   The locals tell us how many fish they could catch way back when, compared to now. They should know because they have been out in those tinnys for years getting “catch of the day”. Trouble is, the catch is becoming harder to catch – and that’s saying something from these local proud fishermen & women. They would prefer to tell you how many or how big, rather than shaking their heads saying “its not like it used to be”.   So, in order to be mindful of these issues, we serve a limited amount of fish at the Jetty Café.

Friday night Fish ‘n’Chips is an exception.

IMG_1401It is one such time we have fish and only fish on the menu. It is line caught and seasonal. So it is picked up, filleted by Ray, dunked in the lighest beer batter, cooked to a crispy golden brown. It is served with a fresh salad slaw and the ever popular “smashed” potato – Rays answer to the usual chip! Its popular, so you have to book by Thursday but you can do that by calling us on 03 62606245. Come and ask the locals how good it used to be!! They usually re-arrange the Café into large, long tables and enjoy a drink and chat with whoever is around.!!

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2 Responses to Friday Night Fish ‘n’ Chips

  1. Gerard Castles says:

    Love it!!

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