It’s Holiday Time

Thank you to all our lovely patrons for coming to see us, eat with us, celebrate with us or just sun yourself on the deck with a coffee with us.  It’s been a  great 12 months and now it’s time for some R & R.

Holiday Times:

Closed from 22nd July, 20102 to 1st September, 2012

Stay tuned for some exciting new events for Spring.

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Winter Hours & finding buried treasure (that doesn’t sparkle).

Today was one of those many days that do sparkle on Bruny Island. A cool start, then lots of sun, calm water and clouds just puffing around in the sky. Ray took off for a long bike ride and at an agreed time, I was to meet him at Murrayfield to dig spuds. Lynne and Bruce have been bringing some delicious potatoes up to the café lately and have been saying ‘come and dig your spuds”. Until now we have been too busy but since we have introduced our winter hours (see below) we have had time to savour the peace and tranquility of the last days of autumn and do some fun things like go to beautiful Murrayfield farm to get dirt under our fingernails in the potato patch.
We started the hunt for the buried treasure after grabbing the garden fork, aiming it at a spot amongst the drying top leaves, and voila! as we turned over the red loamy soil, there they are, heaps of them, all now exposed to the sunlight. As our hands sift through the dirt we find more and more! There’s even little surprises like a tiny field mouse quietly watching us and waiting to make a run for it and of course some fat worms. It gets so exciting… no time we have two crates full of Dutch Cream potatoes and we have only gone down a 1/3 of 1 row!!
Now I know how the pirates of old must have felt!!
After admiring the view for a minute (no wonder these spuds grow so well with a view like that…!), we hoist them into the van, take them back to the café, pick out some little ones, scrub them, boil them, toss them in natural salt flakes, a chunk of Tasmanias’ creamy Ashgrove butter add some springs of chopped parsley and black pepper and EAT! The best lunch – so very simple and so nutritious.
Come to the Jetty Café and get a serve of Rays’ special bowl of spuds – Yum. Chips just wont do it for you for ever after. That’s if you come when we are opened on our limited days and also if we haven’t eaten them all first! If you are coming to visit us, give us a call first, it’s nice to know who is heading our way and when.
Bookings ph: 62606245

Jetty Café Winter Hours:

Opened:      Friday Saturday Sunday & Monday 10am – 4pm

Dinner bookings by prior arrangement only (must have 12 or more)

Closed          Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday

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Winter Weddings – Beautiful!!

Ok, so it wasn’t winter on March 24th, 2012 but it was cold, wild and just like a typical winters day.  We had a wedding for 150 guests and it was intended to be a beach wedding….. what happens next…..Well, to begin with – there always has to be a plan B right?   Definitely says the extremely relaxed Bride at the time a date was set!  So, plan B was seamlessly decided upon the day before the wedding and what a wonderful alternative this Venue proved to be when the beach was just not the place to be!  We cleared the Cafe, the huge windows overlooking the sea was made the backdrop for the Ceremony, the fire was roaring and the Hall next door had been beautifully decorated with most of the 50 dozen white tulips the Bride had chosen for the decorations.  The effect was truly magnificent and not a moment was wasted on thinking what Mother Nature was carrying on about outside.  That has led us to thinking, what a perfect opportunity others have in deciding to go with the Winter Wedding.  At the Jetty Cafe you can pick a Venue that allows you to feel as if your outside even when your a inside regardless of the weather.  You might want to warn your Hairdresser that they should make a weekend of it as most of the other guests do so you can avoid a fairly adventurous trip across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel as this Bride’s Hairdresser did.  It was probably one of the more “interesting” jobs she has had.  Read about this very special Winter Wedding here

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What’s Been Going On at the Cafe…..

The summer fruits have been amazing.  Ray makes tarts almost everyday with what comes into the Cafe.  Golden drop plum tart, Murrayfield mulberry frangipane tart, black devil cherry tart.  Then he makes waffles,  a spiced cherry sauce and serves that with more cherries or berries and luscious, creamy Valhalla vanilla bean ice cream.  Do I have your attention yet??

Margaret is one of our main suppliers of fresh Flowers for the Cafe and baskets of herbs, vegetables and fruits picked daily from her incredibly productive garden. She always collects her goodies in the early morning before she comes into work at the Art Gallery (which is part of our complex).   At the moment, Ray has beans, zuchini, rocket, sorrel and plenty of herbs to play with.   There is a delicious looking savoury tart sitting on the bench right now which will be served with a fresh garden salad (that is a really, fresh garden salad) and some smashed potatoes just dug up by Neil at Kilora.  Very handy, very tasty!!  Thank you Margaret for your constant supply of goodies!   Thanks to Neil who comes over from Melbourne with his family when he can and always comes up to the Cafe for lunch or to bring us something from his garden.  The potatoes are fantastic.  Who else wants to come and visit us?

How about this Friday night, we have Kristina Olsen performing live at the Cafe on her way to the Port Fairy Music Festival.  What a great opportunity to introduce Kristina to our beautiful part of the world and for us to enjoy her fabulous tunes.  Ray will put on a delicious supper of course.  That’s this Friday night March 2nd at 7.30 at the Jetty Cafe.

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Looking for a new spot to enjoy on your travels around Bruny Island?  The Jetty Cafe at Dennes Point has been found by some and apparently searched for by others.   It is located at the northern tip of beautiful Bruny Island which is not far from Hobart in Tasmania!  You can drive there, if you catch the car ferry across the D’entrecasteaux Channel from Kettering.  Or you can sail there and moor at the Jetty 3 minutes walk from the cafe.  Rod’s Water Taxi will take a group of you  ( if those other two options don’t work for you, but call him for a booking.  The Cafe has been opened for 18 months now and has already hosted a number of weddings (see special blog page & photo’s), parties, musical concerts, special functions e.g. a lunch following an Opera performance (Chamber Made Opera, Melbourne) for 10 Days on the Island in 2010, in addition to the usual weekend breakfasts, lunches, dinners and much more.  In this very modern complex there is a little General Store which sells local produce, Valhalla ice-cream (is there any other), papers etc.. There is a beautiful Art Gallery ( will amaze you with their classy, interesting & unusual works, all produced by local talented and highly skilled artists who seem to abound here.

If you like, you can sit on the deck and listen to the water lapping on the shore below while you enjoy a glass of your favourite Tasmanian wine or sometimes you can watch the Kyakers make their way across the Channel to have a coffee.  There are all sorts of craft as well as  the dolphins, seals, birds and other creatures that cruise past from time to time that also make good viewing.   This is a place where time cruises as well so don’t visit if you are in a rush!

We have delicious coffee, hot chocolate (the real deal), fresh cakes, lunches, seasonal dinner menu and we feature Tasmanian wines on our wine list.

Opening Hours For Summer are:

Everyday     10 – 4.00  (Except for Saturday  –  hours extended to included Dinner).

Dinner:        Saturday – 6pm onwards   Please book!  Group bookings also available

Call in or call us:

Kris or Ray at the Jetty Cafe,           ph: 0362606245

18 Main Road,  Dennes Point,

North Bruny Island

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